Woven Time: A Girdle of Fig Leaves - New Forecast film commission by Adam Chodzko

“Woven Time: A Girdle of Fig Leaves” is a video in the form of a dream premonition. In dialogue with a particularly lovely patch of mud visual artist Adam Chodzko speculates about what art might need to become next and what new ways it might be used, in order to make a path of hope into the future?

Upcycling his previous artworks in order to sustain their energy and using image, sound and spoken word Chodzko wonders what we might build between us and the more than human in order to see with greater clarity.

Our perceptions of our world, whether in relation to the climate emergency, social justice or individual identity are often blocked with obstacles we like to construct, dragged from our unconscious minds. What then, are the benefits and hindrances of feeling and being awkward? How might the networked collective imaginations of nearly 8 billion people become accessible to us all as a single infinite dream containing all the knowledge we will ever need.

Please note: we recommend that you view Woven Time: A Girdle of Fig Leaves on full screen and in a quiet space with headphones on if you can.

‘Woven Time: A Girdle of Fig Leaves’ includes excerpts from: The Pickers, (2009), Ghost (2010 -), Knots (2013), Adaptation (2013), Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, (2015), Deep Above, (2016), Fluid Dynamics; The Quail is Rising, (2020),O, you happy roots, branch and mediatrix, (2020), Thru hole I blind/O/Thru hole oui see, 2020); all by Adam Chodzko

Additional voices: Gretchen Egolf, Seth Barnard Chodzko

Music: Mutsumi – Look Down at Your Feet Below, and Afro Finger. Terre Thaemlitz remix of The Golden Palominos – Gun / Little Suicides

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