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What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Forecast is Invisible Dust’s new online programme exploring answers to that question.

Bringing together artists, scientists, thinkers and change-makers from across the globe, Forecast makes space for reflection and promotes fresh ways of seeing the world.

Faced with the uncertainty of the pandemic and accelerating climate change, it has never been so unclear what lies ahead. How can we move forward positively at a time when the future is so complex, difficult and unknown? 

It is clear that climate change will mean that the future will be totally different to today. But it is not too late to choose how that future will be.

New events: Nature, health and the planet’s future

Coming up next in Forecast’s online programme is an exploration of human health and its connection to our relationship with nature.

Join a pair of lunchtime art-science discussions that will consider what shapes how we think about human health and the planet’s future.

The first event will take a global view and connect to the second event, which will take a more personal and local view.

What’s next for our planet and our health?

Thursday 1st July 1-2pm (UK)

A discussion about the future of our health and our planet, taking a global view of planetary systems and human wellbeing in the context of the arrival of Covid-19.

Speakers will be announced next week.

Read more and book on Eventbrite.

How can nature help us thrive?

Thursday 8th July 1-2pm (UK)

A discussion about health, wellbeing and the natural world, taking a local and personal view of the connections between changes to the environment and our health and wellbeing.

Speakers will be announced next week.

Read more and book on Eventbrite.

Watch now

You can watch or listen to content from our evolving online archive that includes:

  • New Forecast films by Ahilapalapa Rands and Adam Chodzko
  • Panel discussions about nature, history, uncertainty, AI and democracy.
  • Artist in-conversations with Fei Jun, Ryan Gander and Tania Kovats.
  • Events with 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Flourishing Diversity and more.

Featured conversation

“What will our view of nature bring to the future?” was the theme of this discussion, chaired by Founder of Synchronicity Earth Jessica Sweidan.

Featuring Milka Chepkorir from the Sengwer indigenous community, artist-architect Usman Haque, psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist, and environmental philosopher Danielle Celermajer.

Explore the full archive here.

50 thoughts about the planet’s future

To launch Forecast’s programme, we asked our central question to 50 people across the world, asking for answers in no more than 50 words:

What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Contributors include Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Carlo Rovelli, Lily Cole, Hyphen Labs, Kasia Molga, Usman Haque and Judy Ling Wong.

You can browse read their responses here.

Forecast Artworks & Performances

Ahilapalapa Rands – ‘E Kū mālo`elo`e’ (To Stand Firm) 

“Where I’m from, we walk backwards into the future. Everything known, everything that has happened so far is what we face. Behind us is the unknown. Where we are going.”

Woven Time: A Girdle of Fig Leaves  – Adam Chodzko

A video in the form of a dream premonition. Adam Chodzko speculates about what art might need to become next in order to make a path of hope into the future.

Forecasting: Interesting Worlds – Flagship Forecast Artwork by Fei Jun

You can watch the artist Fei Jun and two of the co-producers of this work in conversation with arts-science producer Lucy Wood and on our watchback page.

Dark Interludes – Michelle St Anne and Julie Vulcan with The Living Room Theatre

“By recognising the patterns of our own pain, beauty, and suffering we might begin to understand how we as humans might break the cycle of the forever unjust.”

Programme Partners

We are delighted to be working alongside some wonderful people and organisations from around the world as Forecast evolves over the coming months and years. Our partners include:

  • 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Uganda
  • British Council Germany
  • Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
  • Flourishing Diversity, UK
  • Jessica Sweidan, Synchronicity Earth, UK
  • Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity, University of York, UK
  • Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, USA
  • Sydney Environment Institute, Australia

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