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Introducing our new programme

From 2021

What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Forecast brings together artists, scientists, thinkers and change-makers from around the world to explore answers to that question.

Online Events Programme

From 3rd – 7th March, join Invisible Dust and our international partners to explore ideas about the planet’s future through a series of online panel discussions, performances, artist interviews, screenings and more.

Tickets are free but with limited availability – book your tickets on Eventbrite.

Events include:

* a conversation with artist Fei Jun and a digital tour of his new Forecast artwork.

* new performances from Adam Chodzko; Ahilapalapa Rands; and Michelle St Anne and Julie Vulcan .

* an underwater Virtual Reality experience by artist Hito Steyerl.

Speakers include:

* artists Jeremy Deller, Cornelia Parker and Ryan Gander;

* model and activist Lily Cole

* climate scientists Emily Shuckburgh and Kevin Anderson;

* Natural History curator Miranda Lowe;

* Africa energy expert Rose M Mutiso;

* environmentalist Jonathon Porritt;

* architect artist Usman Haque,

* climate justice activist Daze Aghaji

* indigenous peoples leaders including Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining) and Milka Chepkorir.

Join events produced with our partners The Sydney Environment Institute; Flourishing Diversity; Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts; 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust; and The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison.

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Forecasting: Interesting Worlds

New Artwork by Fei Jun launches 4th February 2021

We’re delighted to present our first Forecast commission Forecasting: Interesting Worlds’. Created by acclaimed Chinese artist Fei Jun in collaboration with 13 co-creators from right across the world, this new work asks us to consider the factors most influencing our thinking about the future.

About Forecast

Faced with the uncertainty of the pandemic and accelerating climate change, it has never been so unclear what lies ahead. As 2020 made all too clear, we cannot plan for the future by assuming it will look like the past.

How can we go forward positively when the future is so complex, uncertain and unknown? 

  • Do we look to technology or to nature for solutions?
  • To our leaders or to the unheard?
  • Who should be making the decisions and how should they be made?
  • What place is there for hope?

Along with our programme partners from around the world, Forecast will consider answers to these questions and present new art and ideas from every continent.

We asked the same question to 50 people across the world, asking for responses in no more than 50 words, “what is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?Read their responses here.

Artists and Performers

Programme Partners

We are delighted to be working alongside some wonderful people and organisations from around the world as Forecast evolves over the coming months and years. Our first partners to be announced include:

  • The Sydney Environment Institute, Australia
  • Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
  • Jessica Sweidan, Synchronicity Earth, UK
  • 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Uganda
  • The British Council Germany
  • The Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity, University of York, UK
  • Flourishing Diversity, UK
  • The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, USA

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