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What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Forecast is a new programme by Invisible Dust that brings together artists, scientists, thinkers and change-makers from around the world to explore answers to that question.

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You can now catch up on the events from Forecast’s recent series – including new artist films, in-conversations and panel discussions featuring an amazing array of artists, scientists and thinkers.

50 perspectives on the planet’s future.

We asked the same question to 50 people across the world, “what is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Read their responses here.

Forecast’s March Event Series

This series ended on 7th March, but you can watch back events here

Faced with the uncertainty of the pandemic and accelerating climate change, it has never been so unclear what lies ahead. As 2020 made all too clear, we cannot plan for the future by assuming it will look like the past.

How can we go forward positively when the future is so complex, uncertain and unknown? 

  • Do we look to technology or to nature for solutions?
  • To our leaders or to the unheard?
  • Who should be making the decisions and how should they be made?
  • What place is there for hope?

Along with our programme partners from around the world, Forecast’s March event series will consider answers to these questions and present new art and ideas from every continent.

Forecast Artworks & Performances

Ahilapalapa Rands – ‘E Kū mālo`elo`e’ (To Stand Firm) 

Woven Time: A Girdle of Fig Leaves  – Adam Chodzko

Forecasting: Interesting Worlds – Flagship Forecast Artwork by Fei Jun

Dark Interludes – Michelle St Anne and Julie Vulcan with The Living Room Theatre

Programme Partners

We are delighted to be working alongside some wonderful people and organisations from around the world as Forecast evolves over the coming months and years. Our partners include:

  • The Sydney Environment Institute, Australia
  • Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
  • Jessica Sweidan, Synchronicity Earth, UK
  • 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Uganda
  • The British Council Germany
  • The Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity, University of York, UK
  • Flourishing Diversity, UK
  • The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, USA

About Forecast

What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Forecast is a new programme exploring what shapes how we think about the planet’s future.

Bringing together artists, scientists, thinkers and leaders from across the globe, Forecast makes space for fresh ways of seeing the world we live in and promotes creative responses to climate change worldwide.

Climate change means the future will look totally different to today. But what that future will look like is still open and not yet fixed. There is still time to bring about a more sustainable world and still a place for hope.

It will be people that rethink and remake the future, with the power of their actions, emotions and ideas. The abundance of human creativity will lead the way. Forecast is our celebration of that.

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