A new digital artwork by Fei Jun

Premiered 4th February 2021

At a time of such fragility and uncertainty, we present our first FORECAST art commission ‘Forecasting: Interesting Worlds. Created by acclaimed Chinese artist Fei Jun in collaboration with 13 co-creators from across the world, this new work asks us to consider the factors most influencing our thinking about the future.

From a range of over 180 objects – some everyday, others less so – these 13 co-creators were asked to select five that stand out as being the most important to their view of the future.

With these selections and the co-creators’ reflections on their choices, the artist Fei Jun created a bespoke ‘future universe’ for each participant. These objects and the way they are placed and interact with others, form a dialogue, a dream, a moving vision of their hopes and fears. 

From all walks of life and representing every continent, our co-creators hail from Russia, China, Antarctica, Ghana, Mozambique, Finland, California, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay and the UK – with a special additional participant from the pioneering eXXpedition to represent our seas and oceans. Meet them here.

As a global field research tool, this art project – translated into both English and Mandarin – enables us to observe and explore the many, complex views of the world as it is today, and the views of its future.

This artwork is supported by Arts Council England and the Wellcome Trust, with support from our media partner CAFA Art Info.


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