At the May Daze weekend

Posted on 06.05.2011

As part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s ‘May Daze’ weekend, which attracted over 25,000 people, Invisible Dust produced free outdoor art and science family workshops at Chapelfield Gardens; an idyllic park in the centre of Norwich.

The activities for families were designed to aid and expand the understanding of the themes behind the artworks of HeHe and Liz Ballard which could be seen on the roof of the Theatre Royal and River Wensum respectively.

Artists Mandy Roberts, Effie Coe and Claire Barnett worked with environmental scientists from the University of East Anglia (UEA) to give visitors the opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary art and science workshops. Participants made ink breath drawings with straws while simultaneously learning about air pollution, conducted experiments to look at the effect contaminated water has on a landscape and created miniature petri dish pictures. Dr Kevin Hiscock, a hydrologist based at the UEA who collaborated with Liz Ballard, was also on hand to offer his expertise and answer pertinent questions around pollution of the local River Wensum and the negative effects farming has on Norfolk’s aquatic wildlife.

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