Jeremy Deller – Bats in Space

3rd -13th July 2012

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London 

For ‘Bats in Space’, artist Jeremy Deller worked in collaboration with Professor Kate Jones, Chair in Ecology and Biodiversity jointly at University College London and the Zoological Society of London. As part of the project, Deller lead bat walks in London that invited participants to explore how bats see, hear and feel their way around. Bats make different calls for socialising, navigating and hunting insects, with different species using different frequencies to detect their favourite prey. The walks enabled participants to listen and visualise the incredible sounds of bats flying around the London Olympic Site, through the use of mobiles, tablets and special microphones. 

“Bats can co-exist pretty peacefully with each other. It’s incredible to live as close to other mammals. We can’t do it.”

– Jeremy Deller

During the project, daily updates were received from those on the bat walks. When bats were found their calls were inserted onto the map above. The map was constantly updated with sightings from our guided bat walks along the Greenway, in East London.

‘Bats in Space’ was an accredited ‘Meet the Species‘ event as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

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