Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller was born in London in 1966 and educated at Courtauld Institute of Art and the University of Sussex. Deller is often described as a conceptual video and installation artist. Deller rarely makes work that can be bought or sold in the traditional sense and therefore, through his practice, has contributed to a reassessment of how artists work. Director of the Hayward Gallery Ralph Rugoff said in 2011 “Deller has opened up more new ways of working than any other artist of his generation – he is a game changer,”

Deller is probably most famous for “The Battle of Orgreave”, a reconstruction of the famous battle between miners and police in the 1984/85 miners strike.  This and Memory Bucket, a documentary about Crawford, Texas (George Bush’s hometown) and the siege in Waco, Texas formed his show at Tate Britain for which he won the Turner prize in 2004.

In 2010 Deller exhibited a bombed car from Iraq in the Imperial War Museum in London, a proposal for the Fourth Plinth in 2008. This work exemplified Deller’s reputation for making politically and socially charged works.

A retrospective of Deller’s Career titled ‘Jeremy Deller: Joy in People‘ opened in February 2012 at the Hayward Gallery in London. The show included restaging ‘Open Bedroom’, a show originally exhibited in his parents’ when they were away on holiday in 1993 and collaborative projects like Acid Brass (1997) where he got a traditional brass band to perform arrangements of acid music.

Jeremy Deller collaborated with Dr Kate Jones from the Institute of Zoology and Chair of ibats on a project with digital agencies Disqo and Pachube to track the amazing sounds of bats in 2012 on the Greenway next to the London Olympic site and beyond, bats set the ‘heart beat of the environment’ according to Dr Jones.

Image: “File-JeremyDeller.jpg” by Ndd~commonswiki is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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