Corridor8 Review: Skyline, Shoreline, Treetop Messanger

Posted on 01.04.2021

We’re delighted to be featured in Jay Drinkall’s Corridor8 review of our Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop, Messenger project with Juneau Projects.

During the second and third coronavirus lockdowns in the UK, I’ve developed a habit of walking daily along the brackish wetland habitats (‘ings’) that line the southern edge of the Humber. I tend to carry an RSPB book and, more recently, the pamphlet Skyline, Shoreline, Treetop Messenger by the artist duo Juneau Projects (Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler). “

Bringing together interdisciplinary groups seems inherent to the ethos of the project, propagating a local ecological awareness that is crucial to changing the lens through which we see our habitat.

Read the review in full here

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