Juneau Projects – Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger

North Lincolnshire Museum and Online

August 2020 – 2021

Invisible Dust, in collaboration with Humber Museums Partnership, has commissioned Juneau Projects to develop ‘Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger’ a work inspired by North Lincolnshire Museum’s natural history collection, focussing specifically on its collection of mounted bird specimens as part of our ongoing Surroundings programme.

The artists will be looking at the collection in relation to historic and contemporary bird populations in the local area and will collaborate with a range of local scientists and researchers.

Based upon this research, and through a range of creative workshops and consultations with various groups from the local area, they will produce a collaborative publication and a permanent artwork for the museum. Over August 2020 the artists are running a series of free bird illustration workshops to engage people from across the region to create artworks to be used in the publication.

Common Ground: Young Curators Programme

Alongside ‘Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger’ is a Young Curator’s Programme, Common Ground. This curatorial collective of six young curators was formed to create a project to run alongside the work by Juneau projects, also taking as inspiration North Lincolnshire Museum’s bird collection and contemporary issues around biodiversity.

Common Ground’s young curators have been participating in an online summer school, with input from curators and arts professionals to develop curating and project management skills, alongside networking trips and research, with support and mentoring, to enable them to develop their own project.

In light of current restrictions surrounding Covid-19, they aim to find ways to exhibit work where individuals are not restricted to grouping together in one place and can move around, taking in the project at their own pace in an environment relevant to the artworks. 

Common Ground is looking to bring together artists to take part in an art trail around North Lincolnshire. The trail will have several locations, each site an individual display of artworks. The aim is to communicate issues of climate-change and human impact on biodiversity in bird populations.

As visitors move through the trail they will virtually, or physically ‘collect’ each artwork, encouraging everyone to try and see each location and thereby complete the exhibition. The trail will also exist online to allow for fully accessible participation, particularly during the pandemic.

About Surroundings:

‘Surroundings’ is produced by the Humber Museums Partnership (HMP), Hull, East Riding and North Lincolnshire in partnership with Invisible Dust. Launched in 2017 – the year of Hull City of Culture – the programme includes international public art commissions with an environmental theme, a young curator’s project, residencies and exhibitions. Each year has a different but interrelating theme – Food, Migration and Biodiversity and Landscape respectively. It is funded by Arts Council England through Ambitions for Excellence and Wellcome Trust Sustaining Excellence.

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