‘Breathe’ covered by the Guardian

Posted on 26.10.2012

Invisible Dust is delighted that Breathe has been covered on the Guardian website by Environment Editor John Vidal. The article says:

“The famous London “pea-souper” smogs, caused mainly by coal-burning in hundreds of thousands of homes and factories, have now gone, only to be replaced by a cocktail of equally toxic, invisible chemicals emittted by vehicles, and yesterday the government issued a “high” air pollution alert for London and south-east England.

But should the politicians in Westminster look back across the Thames, they will see a short animation film of a child projected on to a giant video screen in front of the same St Thomas’s hospital that Monet painted from. Called Breathe, the film is made up from more 1,000 pencil drawings of London artist Dryden Goodwin‘s five-year-old son.

The film will be played every night this week with the intention of highlighting the fragility of children living in polluted cities, and the dangers that pollution posesses.

Breathe continues until this Sunday 28th October, best view Westminster Bridge, from 6.30 until midnight each night.”

View Guardian article

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