‘Bats in Space’ remixed

Posted on 28.10.2012

Bats in Space remixed were an immersive series of workshops led by digital artist Gary Stewart. Following the success of Jeremy Deller’s, ‘Bats in Space: how bats see, hear and feel their way around’, Invisible Dust curated educational workshops for young people aged 11-15 living in East London.

The workshops were held during the October 2012 at Rosetta Art Centre, a visual art centre based in Stratford, East London. Each session allowed the young people to immerse themselves in the project and discover bat ecology in urban spaces.

The purpose of the project was to create digital art from an archive of bat images and data accumulated during our ‘Bats in Space’ walks. Through the data collected, the young people were able to create digital art and gain an understanding of the importance of bats as indicators of our changing environment.

They were also given a brief outline of Jeremy Deller’s, ‘ Bats in Space: how bats see, hear and feel their way around’ and its relevance to the project.

Through structured sessions, each individual was taught how to use digital software to create short videos consisting of bat call recordings and bat imagery which they creatively manipulated using visual effects in editing software program Avenue.

Gary Stewart is an artist, researcher and musician working between the UK, Brazil and the Caribbean. He is currently an Artist in Residence and Research Associate at the People’s Palace Projects, an arts organisation established at Queen Mary University, London.

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