Wile Eye FREE Activities at Scarborough Castle

Posted on 20.09.2022

11.00 & 1.00 Headland History tours and intros to Ryan Gander’s sculpture with English Heritage – meet at coffee shed.

11.00 – 3.00 Drop In – Clay imprint workshop

In this drop in workshop participants will use seaweed and / or plastic packaging and litter to make imprints on to clay. This is a hands on activity for children and adults alike to get their hands messy and experiment with the different imprints, marks and patterns that can be created using both natural and man made items. It is a chance to play and have fun with the materials while encouraging conversations and awareness around the imprint our use of plastic is leaving on the earth.

All Day: 

See the sculpture We are only human (Incomplete sculpture for Scarborough to be finished by snow) by Ryan Gander and listen to an audio piece or watch a 5 minute video about it by scanning the QR code below.

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