Seaweed with Professor Juliet Brodie from the Natural History Museum

Posted on 19.02.2024

Saturday 16 March 2024, 14:00 – 14:45pm

Sixty five people joined us on Saturday 16 March for a free and exciting in-person event at the Scarborough Library & Information Centre. Attendees were able to dive into the fascinating world of seaweed with renowned  Professor Juliet Brodie from the Natural History Museum, in partnership with Wild Eye. It was fascinating to discover the incredible diversity of seaweed species and their ecological importance.

Professor Juliet Brodie said, “I have been a seaweed researcher for most of my professional life and it was curiosity that drew me to these fascinating red, green and brown algae. What were these colourful organisms that came in such an amazing variety of shapes and forms, how many were there, how were they distributed? From these initial questions my inspiration was sparked and over the years I have discovered just how remarkable seaweeds are and vital for the planet. With ancestors of the red and green seaweeds around over 1.6 million years ago, and the brown for at least 200 million years, they have innovated and survived throughout geological time.”

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