CCCI Annual Public Lecture – Making art ‘work’ – with Dryden Goodwin and Lucy Wood

Posted on 11.04.2024

This year’s CCCI annual lecture Bath Spa University invites artist Dryden Goodwin and creative producer Lucy Wood to discuss the potential for art to be truly ‘useful’ in a time of environmental crisis.

Tuesday 21 May 2024, 6 – 7:30pm, Locksbrook Campus – LC.LR.207, Bath, BA1 3EL

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Breathe, the multi-site public artwork by Dryden Goodwin and produced by art-science organisation Invisible Dust, has, since 2012, utilised highly-visible artistic interventions to explore pressing policy issues around the global health emergency of air pollution. The work, which took over bridges, buildings and billboards across London andthe UK, has been viewed by 13 million people to date.

The impact of Breathe lies in its unique methodology of animating a city’s infrastructure and collaborating with the key stakeholders – public transport providers, scientific and research institutions, campaigner and advocacy groups, politicians and policymakers, local and city councils, business improvement districts, law professionals, and educational establishments – who all inform, support or drive action around air quality and public health in our cities

Join Breathe artist Dryden Goodwin and its creative producer Lucy Wood from Invisible Dust to hear how they combine their unique artistic practice and producing skills, contributing to real-world impact around pressing social and environmental issues. Looking at their work across London, and upcoming plans to work with other cities globally, they pose how this approach might form a blueprint of how artists, producers and populations can think about the way to help leverage urgent change, through artistic interventions, in their own communities.

Join us for refreshments after the talk and an opportunity to open up an audience-wide discussion around the local social and environmental concerns for Bath and the work art/artists can do to tackle them.

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