WILD EYE: The Cinder Track

As part of our Cinder Track project for Wild Eye, in October we worked with artist Emma Smith to host free drop-in wildlife workshops along Scarborough’s Cinder Track. Attendees discovered what wildlife lives there, as well as learning how to forage sustainably and build habitats.

Emma is working towards creating a series of community co-produced outdoor artworks along this important green corridor.

Working with local experts and surrounding communities, the work will be developed through collective action to research and support species using the site as a nature highway and to co-create dwell space for humans and other species alike.

The artwork trail will aim to enhance people’s connection to nature and wildlife, encourage exploration and extend dwell time.

Wild Eye is a partnership between Invisible Dust and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Keep an eye on this page for more Cinder Track updates, including our main commission of permanent work by Emma Smith in 2024.

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