other/other/other – A Good Clean Run

21st May 2011

Norfolk and Norwich Festival, UK

Norwich based collective, other/other/other, presented ‘A Good Clean Run’ a project that explored air quality along a city centre route and its effects on residents health. The project aimed to investigate the deterioration of respiratory and pulmonary health caused by poor air quality in urban areas. With heavy flows of traffic directed through pedestrian areas, and a fast inner ring road too close to the city centre, Norwich was the ideal place to present the project.

The collective learnt that some of its members who run in Norwich had noticed the impact of poor air quality conditions on their health. ‘A Good Clean Run’ involved the artists jogging around Norwich, with their speed changing with pre-coordinated signs that determined the air pollution in that part of the city centre. 

After consultation with the University of East Anglia, other/other/other set out to visually present the quality of the air in Norwich, by positioning signs painted with the word RUN in Vaseline two weeks before the performance. These signs were set up along the route of the run and captured soot particles in the air, revealing the word RUN. 

‘A Good Clean Run’ was curated by Invisible Dust and supported by the Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, Norfolk and Norwich Festival and the University of East Anglia. 

Find out more about the project here.
Image: © A Good Clean Run project website.

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