Biophilia Ball

22nd November 2014

Natural History Museum, London, UK

Invisible Dust collaborated with conservation charity Synchronicity Earth on a number of events in 2014 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species worldwide. This included curating an exhibition ‘Disappearing Nature: artists supporting life on earth’ at Gallery 8 in London and an auction at the Biophilia Ball held at the Natural History Museum.

Our world has become a very complex system and the natural world is bearing the brunt of that complexity. I believe that artists can help us untangle those complexities, propelling us forward into action, in defence of nature.’ 

Jessica Sweiden, Founding Trustee, Synchronicity Earth

Over £100,000 was raised through works donated by leading contemporary artists and wildlife photographers, supporting conservation and held at the Natural History Museum. Each art piece donated was connected through the artists insights into nature and its relationship with humankind. The auction was an exciting opportunity to raise the profile of this vital, yet under-funded, tool for protecting biodiversity and guiding conservation action. As well as the auction, guests each enjoyed a beautiful hand painted mask with an endangered species from the Red List on each, created by artist Alice Shirley. 

Thanks to artists Ulrike Arnold, Zana Briski, Gordon Cheung, Adam Chodzko, Marcus Coates, Dorothy Cross, Susan Derges, Andy Goldsworthy, Leila Golestaneh, George Grubb, Dan Holdsworth, Mattias Klum, Tania Kovats, Dylan Lewis, Maya Lin, Louis Masai, Kate McGwire, Robin Moore, Alice Shirley and Rose Wylie and Clare Shenstone.

Synchronicity Earth website.

Image: © Lot Number 2: Andy Goldsworthy, Sweet Chestnut Leaves, El Escorial, Madrid, 2013.

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