UnNatural History attracts a 4* Review in Times + other press

Posted on 03.06.2021

Though it’s behind a paywall, we’re delighted to receive a 4 star review from Rachel Campbell-Johnson in The Times for UnNatural History at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry. Who deemed it:

“a fascinating consideration of art’s relationship with the environment”

The show also got a nice write up in CulturAll magazine;

“How often do you see wild animals first-hand? How often do you lose yourself in nature? Will opportunities to do either of these become fewer and fewer in our lifetimes? There’s a beautiful exhibition on at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry and it’s worth seeing. UnNatural History is a major exhibition focusing on natural history and climate change that looks at environmental urgency through a quizzical, revelatory and unusual lens. It damns, but it contains hope.”

“The installations are both startling and humbling…It’s easy to go away from the exhibition with a renewed sense of love of nature and a desire to do things differently, whatever your role in the world: so many people passionate about telling stories that need to be told, looking to the past to better the future. Not many art exhibitions have a similar offering”

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