The Human Sensor at EuroScience Open Forum

Posted on 28.07.2016

Science as Revolution

This was the motto of the 2016 EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), the largest general science conference in Europe. The event was an opportunity for leading thinkers, scientists, policy makers and innovators to showcase scientific breakthroughs and stimulate public excitement about science and technology.

Taking place in Manchester, the birthplace of the industrial revolution and a city with a history of scientific excellence, the conference was visited by a staggering 4,500 delegates from over 90 countries.

The conference took place between the 23rd and 27th July and was s§ituated in the iconic Manchester Central.  The event included lively discussions, presentations and talks by leading experts, including Manchester’s own Professor Brian Cox. In keeping with its motto, ESOF focused on breakthrough scientific ideas, with delegates discussing how science and technology can influence our lives and challenge our behaviours. One particular talk by Joanna Verran, Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, focussed on the the value of interdisciplinary collaboration between science and the arts – a topic very much relevant to the Human Sensor project.

The innovative pieces of wearable technology created by Kasia Molga, perfectly combine science and art. The costumes are beautifully created, the folds on their surface reflecting an origami influence. In addition to being pieces of art in themselves, the wearable technology also serves a scientific purpose. The lights on their surfaces are a reflection of air pollution levels in Manchester and act as a reminder of the importance of clean air. By increasing awareness of the issues relating to air pollution, the Human Sensor project aims to motivate the public to make small behavioural changes to improve the quality of the air we breath.

On Sunday 24th July visitors to ESOF were given an opportunity to witness the innovative Human Sensor technology in action. The talented Human Sensor performers left 70 Oxford Street at 4.15pm and made their way across to Manchester Central, where they treated visitors to the conference with a spectacular performance.  The performers took centre stage at the ESOF exhibition hall, with delegates stopping to watch the eye-catching routine. The unique costumes, which bring together art and science in a completely novel way, definitely felt at home at the event created to showcase “Science as Revolution”.

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