NERC funding announced

Posted on 16.10.2017

We are delighted to announce that Invisible Dust has been chosen for the sector-changing public engagement project ‘BLUEPRINT: New Designs for Engaging the Public in the Future of our Seas’

Invisible Dust has been chosen by NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) as part of a new ‘BLUEPRINT’ consortium, to build capacity in public engagement with environmental research across the UK. NERC has awarded a total of £500,000 to six projects to equip the environmental research sector to deliver effective, national-scale public engagement with contemporary issues of environmental science.

Alongside Invisible Dust, Blueprint brings together eight other major UK-leading marine research, engagement, advocacy and environmental arts organisations: Marine Biological Association; King’s College London; Joint Nature Conservation Committee; Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science; University of Plymouth Marine Institute; University of Edinburgh; Scottish Association for Marine Science and Incredible Oceans.

Blueprint will bring together scientists, facilitators, artists and skilled media communicators to share expertise, training, innovation and audiences to enable a step-change in the way we consider, and collaborate with, our environment  – sparking a vibrant, nationwide conversation about the future of our seas

We will contribute our expertise in scientific collaboration and public dissemination to support the future work and projects of the consortium. By initiating and leading on a cross-institutional training programme Invisible Dust will support the delivery of a series of public engagement projects and capacity building workshops. This will result in the publishing of a ‘blueprint’ that will be supported by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). The blueprint will create a practical legacy offering invaluable evidence and process based methodology in how to build consortia, increase collaborative capacity, and create innovative outreach activities.

More information about the projects can be found on the NERC website: here


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