Mariele Neudecker is Lead Artist for HOUSE 2013, Brighton Festival

Posted on 14.03.2013

Invisible Dust artist Mariele Neudecker has been co-commissioned by HOUSE 2013 as part of the Brighton Festival to present her project, “Heterotopias and other Domestic Landscapes” at the Regency Town House from 4 – 26 May, 2013.

“Heterotopias and other Domestic Landscapes” includes material which explores two remote and seemingly uninhabitable environments: the Arctic and the Deep Sea. Neudecker has been working with Professor Alex Rogers, a marine biologist at Oxford University who investigates deep ocean trenches, to create artworks about the incredible ecosystems which manage to thrive in this dark, sulphuric world. In a separate project, Neudecker traveled through Northwest Greenland via dog sled, documenting the lifestyle of the Inuit people and deconstructing their methods and strategies for surviving in such a harsh environment.

Because these vast spaces are viewed through lenses, “cropping” is inevitable. Together, these two aspects of the project bring extreme landscapes into the domestic arena, and explores the notion of human intervention and human interest in the representation of these environments.

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Invisible Dust is also planning to present her work as part of the British Science Festival, Newcastle in September 2013.

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