Invisible Dust’s team selected for Festival UK* 2022

Posted on 16.11.2020

Festival UK* 2022 news.

Our team has been selected as one of 30 creative teams to take part in Festival UK* 2022’s Research and Development process running from 16th November 2020 – February 2021. This is designed “to originate ideas for compelling, ambitious and jaw-dropping public engagement acts.” (Festival UK* 2022).

The festival selectors considered 299 submissions, involving almost 3,000 organisations, freelancers and other creatives representing the five STEAM sectors.

After the R&D process Festival UK* will select 10 out of the 30 for a project between £4-10 Million aiming to reach 66 million people worldwide.

Invisible Dust’s team:

Alice Sharp, Adam Cooper and Ed McGovern from Invisible Dust lead a team with Meral Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge from arts-technology collective Hyphen-Labs, artist Jiayu Liu, the designer and design strategist Gyorgyi Galik, co-founder of ASCUS Art & Science, James Howie, scientists from The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences.

‘We are delighted to be selected for this exciting opportunity for our team. Art, technology and science have the possibility of building a new universal language to reach millions of people across the world. Our team will develop a proposal to involve 66 million people in action on the climate crisis. With the pandemic our world has become more vulnerable but also like climate change we are all in it together’.

~ Artistic Director and founder of Invisible Dust Alice Sharp 

The idea behind Invisible Dust’s team’s successful application was “to ensure that Festival UK* 2022 includes a concept deeply rooted in the UK’s positive response to the climate crisis”, stating:

“It is a unique opportunity to show how we can meet humanity’s greatest challenge. Science and technology on their own will not save us. It is the combination with the arts that reaches hearts and minds. Ambitious collaborations across traditional boundaries can help large numbers of people make personal connections with their environment. Together we can drive a positive and optimistic sustainable future for the whole of the UK in the current Covid context.”

Festival* UK 2022 will seek to showcase the best of UK creativity and innovation through a collection of 10 large-scale, public engagement projects led by 10 Creative Teams from across the UK’s four nations. 30 teams will take part in a fully-funded three-month R&D process which will see the ideas generated be showcased publicly, intending to inspire future generations of creatives. The 30 creative teams make a final submission by January 31st 2021 when ten final teams will be awarded budgets of up to £10 million to realise their creative vision.

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