Green Light 1:1 support

Posted on 14.03.2022

People Make it Work and Invisible Dust designed the Green Light masterclass sessions as an initial taster, a spark of inspiration for you as you develop your creative responses to the climate crisis.

We see those first masterclasses as essential. But they are just the first step.

We are offering a limited number of 1:1 support sessions with expert environmental art and science producers from the Invisible Dust team, priced at £150. They will explore with you your ideas for creative responses to the climate crisis and discuss your emergent plans.

About the sessions

The 1:1 session are priced at £150 and can be tailored to your aims and needs. This could include:

  • Advance your ideas for environmental creative programming. 
  • Align your creative work with Arts Council England’s Environmental Responsibility investment principle guidance.
  • Discuss specific aspects of your upcoming NPO application in the Environmental Responsibility context – from realistic programme planning to align your vision with ACE priorities.
  • Build confidence when starting out with environmental art and science work and connecting to scientists.
  • Explore innovative ways to bring art-science collaborations and scientists into your programme.
  • Identify and explore areas of scientific interest for your programme themes.
  • Go deeper into any of the ideas you heard in the Green Light masterclasses.

It is important to say that the Invisible Dust associates are not fundraising consultants: we are not advising on how to pitch environmental work to ACE.

What we can do is challenge and support you in developing your strongest possible response to the climate crisis and by extension to the ACE environmental responsibility principle.

You can see the Invisible Dust associate team here on our website

Next steps

The steps to book a 1:1 session are:

  • Register your name, organisation, and add a sentence or two about your general aims here: register interest via Google Form
  • We will get in touch with a suggestion of how we might help and who you might speak with.
  • Once you confirm and book, we’ll organise your 1:1 support session at a time to suit you.

We want our sector to be rising to the challenge. To see a blooming of creative responses to the climate crisis. People make it work and Invisible Dust are developing more skills training, organisation development programmes and services that offer deep support, skills building and practice development that you’ll be able to access at a time that suits you – over the coming months and years.

Thank you for taking this first step with us. Let’s keep going.

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