First images from Mariele Neudecker in the Arctic

Posted on 24.05.2012

As part of  research for her new Invisible Dust project, Mariele Neudecker is currently in Greenland immersing herself in the sublime landscape and Inuit culture.  For the past three weeks the artist has been in the country and has taken part in a dog sled hunting expedition to Northwest Greenland. The trip is part of a collaborative work with explorer and prolific nature writer Gretel Ehrlich, who has spent much of the last 16 years traveling in Greenland and the Arctic. The journey’s experiences and sights will inform the artworks.

“The intention is to capture the lifestyle of the Inuit people and deconstruct the elements that allow them to survive within these extreme climates” says Neudecker, whose exploration of intimacy and disconnectedness will also include a visit to Inuit artifacts in Quarnaaq Museum.

The task of capturing the experience is a difficult one, since most batteries will not operate in minus 30 degrees. Working from the latest to earliest technologies in a timeline, they will record visual images with digital, analogue, single use and pinhole cameras, light-tight bags and drawings.

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