Family Workshops at the National Maritime Museum

Posted on 28.08.2014

Invisible Dust’s family workshop on the Deep Sea and our environment took place during February half-term and Easter Holidays at the National Maritime Museum RE•THINK Space. The activities were part of ‘Invisible Dust in Museums’ where artists Mariele Neudecker, Adam Chodzko and HighWaterLine Bristol exhibited artworks from December 2014 to Spring 2015.

The workshops were inspired by the weird and wonderful creatures that have evolved to live in the eternally dark depths of the oceans. Led by two artists and a science educator the kids created their own sub-aquatic world, with its strangely phosphorescent inhabitants, using U.V. light, fluorescent materials and video.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops which gave them a better understand the importance of our Oceans and the effect we have on them, especially in terms of recycling and plastic.

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