After Anna; Blueprint Impressions from Today’s Seas

Posted on 24.10.2023

After Anna: Blueprint Impressions from Today’s Seas is an exhibition of seaweed sun-prints or ‘cyanotypes’ made by the Scarborough community, presented in an empty shop space on Newborough and at Scarborough’s Market Hall.

The project takes a photographic technique from the past to highlight a present day problem and asks the question: What do our seas look like now compared to the past and what can we do to help improve them for the future?

The prints were produced as part of our Wild Eye programme with Scarborough-based artist Jacqui Barrowcliffe. Groups that took part in Jacqui’s workshops included Scarborough Sixth Form, Scarborough Disability Action Group, Gallows Close Community Centre, Barrowcliff Primary School, and members of the public. 

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