Prof. Mark Maslin

Mark Maslin is a Professor of Earth System Science at UCL and the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Mark is a leading scientist with particular interest in understanding climate change, in the past, present and future. He has published over 190 papers in journals such as Science, Nature, and The Lancet.  

Mark appears regularly on radio and television. These appearances include the seminal 2019 programme on BBC One Climate Change – The Facts, as well as Dispatches, Newsnight, Time Team, the Today programme, Material World, In Our Time, and The Briefing Room.  He is also a regular contributor on climate change for the BBC, Channel 5, CNN, BBC World Service, and Sky News.   Mark has written 10 books and over 80 popular articles. His articles on The Conversation have been read over 5.5 million times. His books include Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction: 4th Edition (2021), The Cradle of Humanity (2019) – which Prof. Brian Cox called ‘an exhilarating intellectual journey’, The Human Planet with Simon Lewis (2018/2022) and his latest book ‘How to save our planet: the facts’ (2021).

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