Mariele Neudecker

Mariele Neudecker, was born in Germany, studied there, in Ireland and the UK, and is now based in Bristol, UK. She has exhibited her work widely all around the globe.

In her work Neudecker is exploring the interphases and overlaps of the two and three-dimensional, as well as analogue and digital. She uses a broad range of media including sculpture, film, photography as well as sound, with the quest to find a ‘Contemporary Sublime’.

Her practice often takes her – and us – to the threshold of human experience, she tests our perception of natural and technological worlds. Neudecker often uses technology’s virtual capabilities in order to reproduce a heightened experience of landscape, weather and climatic changes. For her, technology both enables and limits our perception and experience of the worlds we inhabit. 

Solo exhibitions include Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Tate St Ives and Tate Britain, Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Norway, Zeppelin Museum, Germany and she has shown widely in international group exhibitions. Neudecker is currently working on SEDIMENT, a solo exhibition at Limerick City Gallery of Art this autumn, which will tour to Hestercombe Gallery in 2020.  She also is currently working on a new commission for the CERN Collection, Geneva.

Neudecker’s recent work, ‘Hanging Gardens: Parallel Lives Lives 1.39m, 9.78m, 22.59m, 30.79m, 37.26m, 42.0m’, is installed in the three lifts at the Cancer Center at Guy’s Hospital in Central London, as a permanent installation and part of Future City’s art program at the Hospital.

Neudecker is Professor and Research Fellow at Bath Spa University, Fellow for CERN’s Visiting Artists Program and is on the European Commission’s JRC SciArt advisory panel. She works with Galerie Barbara Thumm Berlin, Thomas Rehbein Galerie Cologne, Galeria Pedro Cera, Lisbon and in camera galerie in Paris.

Image: Mariele Neudecker © Ben Jones

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