Lucas Mander

Lucas Mander is a bird ecologist at the University of Hull, working on the effects and impacts of human-related activities on marine birds.  Over the years Lucas has been involved in several studies examining the impact of man-made structures (e.g. offshore wind farms) on seabirds; he has taken part in numerous bird monitoring programmes and expeditions at sea and in estuaries.  His latest research has been focussed on the tidal flats of estuaries, looking at the effect of the creation of new wetland habitats on the abundance and behaviour of wading birds. 

Through a collaboration with the Humber Wader Ringing Group (HWRG) and the British Trust of Ornithology (BTO), he is also currently studying the movements of Eurasian Curlew on the Humber Estuary by tracking individuals using GPS tags.  This study aims to gain new insights on the ecology of Eurasian Curlew to better predict the effect of environmental changes (e.g. climate change) on bird populations.  Some of this work on tracking Curlew has recently featured in a small documentary “Wild Humber”, which shines a light on the extraordinary phenomenon of bird migration.

Lucas is also interested in the wider benefits that birds bring to society, and in particular how birds contribute to cultural services.

Lucas can be contacted at and @lucasmander

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