Fei Jun

Fei Jun holds an MFA in Electronic Integrated Art from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design in New York. Fei Jun is the head of CAFA Media Lab, an associate professor in interactive media art and design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts as well as a working artist and designer. He is also a co-founder of Moujiti interactive. His art and design work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, museums and festivals, and has received many international awards including IF design award.

His artistic practice has crossed digital art, interactive art, experience design, interface design, interaction design, digital publishing and other unknown areas. As an artist, he is particularly interested in the hybrid space that constructed by virtual and physical space; as a designer, Fei Jun has been creating mobile applications and interactive installations for Clients, including the Palace Museum, Audi, Trends Media Group and etc.; as an educator, he has been teaching interactive art and design program in CAFA since 2005.

Fei Jun is also the founder of Interactive Beijing (IB), a design driven innovation platform that devote to inform, inspire and incubate. IB takes on the most relevant social subjects using human oriented design approach. Through a set of programs like conferences, workshops, competitions, mentorship camps, and exhibitions, IB aim to foster new talents and incubate innovative ideas that could bring positive changes to society. 

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