Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison (born London 1979) is an artist and activist based in Glasgow.

As well as making playful, politically-engaged work for galleries and public spaces, she is also the founder and coordinator of the national Bring Back British Rail campaign, which has been popularising the idea of re-nationalising our public transport system since 2009, and is the agent for The Artists’ Bond – a life-long speculative funding scheme for artists established in 2011.

Her work has been exhibited across Great Britain and in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Japan amongst others.

Ellie Harrison worked as part of the team of artists and scientists on our Invisible Heat project, which explores the effects of climate change on our physical health, presenting her Anti-Capitalist Aerobics performance at our Ways of Seeing Climate Change conference in Manchester on 30 October 2013.

Image: Ellie Harrison © Emma Crouch

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