Effie Coe

Effie Coe is an artist working with both video and photographic imagery. Continually enchanted by the possibilities of new media, she enjoys the immediacy that video and digital photography can give, the small gap between inspiration and execution. Video is used for every aspect of her process, as a way of recording ideas; it becomes her pencil, a moving sketchbook.

Her work investigates animating still photographs to create moving images reflecting the technical journey at its centre. Time, collaboration, direction, choreographing and repeating are explored. The sense of testing and experimenting is an important part of the work.

Other works investigate capturing stillness through movement. Exploring what would happen if a still photograph would keep moving, wanting to create an overwhelming sense of silence and stillness. Through the passage of time where little happens, time seems to last longer. It is extended and distorted.

Effie also works within the context of Artist Educator devising and developing, individually and collaboratively, projects, workshops and resources for Tate Modern, Aspex, Ikon, ArtsDepot, and Creative Partnerships.

Effie was appointed as the lead artist producing art workshops in 20 schools in Hackney and Tower Hamlets annually from November 2010 on an ongoing basis as part of a team of scientists from King’s College and Barts which are working on the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) EXHALE study led by Professor Frank Kelly. For the workshops Effie Coe initially drew ideas from Dryden Goodwin’s original proposal ‘Breathe’ a video animation on St Thomas’ hospital which took place in October 2012.

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