Ed Webb-Ingall

Video-maker and writer Ed Webb-Ingall, born in London in 1982, started out working as a researcher and producer on documentaries and music videos. Aware of the rigid hierarchies that govern much of the film industry – and the often-problematic power dynamic between those behind the camera and those on it – he began to look for alternative structures. While he was doing an MA in the history of film and visual media at Birkbeck, University of London, he learned about “community video”, a method of video-production, based around a model of collective authorship that enables communities to take control of the way in which they are represented.  He has since produced a number of community video projects, the most recent of which explore the legacy of section 28. Webb-Ingall’s video projects have been shown at numerous film festivals and art galleries, including at the British Film Institute’s LGBT Film Festival, Showroom and Studio Voltaire, as well as in community centres and classrooms.

Ed created a film, I walk there every day but I never saw it that way’ for ‘Shore: How We See The Sea’.

Image: Ed Webb-Ingall and ‘Shore: How We See The Sea’ participants. Photo credit Eoin Carey, courtesy of Invisible Dust.

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