Dryden Goodwin

From video and photography to sculpture and installation, artist Dryden Goodwin frequently uses the act of drawing to get under the skin of society and touch upon a shared humanity. Dryden is currently working with Invisible Dust on Breathe: 2022 – a major new work exploring air and activism for Lewisham, London Borough of culture.

Often grounded in an experience of the city, Goodwin wrestles with the continually changing nature of our contact with the people around us, both the well known – family and friends – and the anonymous, the strangers we pass on the street. He has consistently focused on the human figure and the portrait form.  For ‘Breathe’, a collaboration with environmental health scientist Professor Frank Kelly he has created over a thousand drawings of his son to form an animation exploring how children are affected by air pollution.

His 2010 work Linear, commissioned by Art on the Underground, used drawings and animations to portray the staff of London Underground’s Jubilee Line. Recent projects include ‘Poised‘ exhibited at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, 2012; a permanent commission for the ‘Who am I?’ Gallery at the Science Museum, London, 2010; solo exhibitions at The Photographer’s Gallery, London 2008 and the Hasselblad Foundation Gothenburg, Sweden, 2009. Goodwin was commissioned to make a portrait of Sir Steve Redgrave in 2006 for the National Portrait Gallery, and Prince William in 2010 for The Guardian. He has also presented works at Tate Britain, Tate Modern and the

Venice Biennale. His work in public collections include, The Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Tate Collection.

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