Art & Science Films Afrika (ASFA)

“Smoke Jumpers” (2023) by Art & Science Films Afrika (ASFA) is a mythical portrayal examining the cultural dynamics that, when mismanaged, can result in potentially environmentally and socially harmful charcoal use and production in Kenya. This film comes out of multiple conversations with Rebecca Clube, Research Fellow, University College London Institute for Sustainable Resources. 

This film is curated and produced by Invisible Dust in collaboration with University College London Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR) and funded by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office’s Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme. 

Art & Science Films Afrika (ASFA) is a program designed to investigate ritual practices in prehistoric Africa, and the role art plays as a vestige of the knowledge informing these rituals. Using film and video, the program seeks to build a bridge to link indigenous systems of knowledge embodied in African mythologies with modern Africa. Wangechi Ngugi is the Program Director and Daniel Muchina is the Artistic Director, Researcher and Writer at ASFA.

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