Wild Eye Audio Postcards

Sound artist Lucia Scazzocchio from Social Broadcasts has created a series of podcasts platforming local voices. These short ‘audio postcards’ include the voices of local people, mixing their local, long term knowledge and expertise with scientists, artists, conservationists and young people from the Scarborough and Whitby area. 

This series of podcasts/audio postcards is part of Wild Eye – a project run by Invisible Dust and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in collaboration with English Heritage.

Click the links below to download pdf transcripts of the podcasts.

1. Heritage and Place Transcript
2. The North Sea Transcript
3. Marine Wildlife Transcript
4. Local Changes Transcript
5. Climate Change Transcript
6. The Future Transcript

Audio production by Lucia Scazzocchio from Social Broadcasts with field recording by Andrea Campisi and sound design by Silvia Malnati.

Many thanks to podcast participants: Amy Blythman, Anna Fitzpatrick, Annabelle Vallat, Bex Lynam, Charlotte Hanson, Dominique Bouchard, Emily Ford, Fran Sutterby, Izellah Kakoz, Jacob and Cheryl Newton, Kristy Adaway, Lindy Rowley, Lou and Ebony Brown, Mark Douglas, Mark Vesey, Matt Newsome, Phoebe Cookson, Richard Fluin, Rodney Forster, Rowan Burgin, Ryan Gander, Sophie Shelton, Steven Crawford, Tom Rowley, Wave Crookes. Sea Shanties were sung by Robert Hartley. Thanks also to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, English Heritage, Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre, Scarborough Sixth Form and Whish (Whitby Hidden Impairments Support and Help).

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