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What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

On Friday 19th May, Invisible Dust will present Forecast 2023.

This international symposium will explore the nature of the stories we tell and how they help shape our planet’s future, drawing from the location and curatorial themes.

Featuring writers, artists, scientists and cultural commentators, we will will delve into the stories that are helping us understand the future, who we listen to and who benefits.

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50 thoughts about the planet’s future

When we first launched Forecast programme, we asked our central question to 50 people across the world, asking for answers in no more than 50 words:

What is shaping how you think about the planet’s future?

Contributors include Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Carlo Rovelli, Lily Cole, Hyphen Labs, Kasia Molga, Usman Haque and Judy Ling Wong.

You can browse read their responses here.

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