‘Climate Clock’ – Oulu Capital of Culture 2026 Flagship Project

Iced rivers and snowy light – these beautiful scenes are of Oulu in Finland. Oulu usually has snow from November until April, and local people welcome it as with snow comes the reflected light illuminating nature in their short daylight hours. However, the climate clock is ticking faster here with the Arctic warming four times that of the rest of the planet, and it’s affecting the seasons and nature.

Our Founder & Creative Director Alice Sharp curating a EU Capital of Culture, Oulu 2026 flagship project – which she has called ‘Climate Clock’. Alice is working with international producer Claudia Woolgar (pictured below) and 7 international artists, a socially engaged artwork to involve local communities and 6 permanent art commissioned works across the region. The artists will be exploring with scientists how aspects such as technology, nature, light, marine and the seasons and related culture are changing both locally and across Europe.

More to come and see the Oulu 2026 website for latest news.

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