Kasia Molga

Kasia is a Design Fusionist working on intersection of art, design, technology and science. She explores emerging trends in technologies and how they can influences human perception or and relation to natural environment and convey the notion of “collaboration with nature”. Her versatile experience of working across design disciplines gave her unique ability to comprehend, communicate and connect complex concepts and ideas. She translates them into tangible, multisensory and visual experiences, immersive environments, installations and hybrid visual/physical interfaces, design fictions or speculative futures narratives.

She has exhibited worldwide, most notably: Centre Pompidou, Tate Modern, V&A Museum, FILE, Ars Electronica, TRANSNATURAL (NL), Meta.Morf (NO), ISEA (Istanbul, Turkey), Translife Media Arts Triennial (Beijing, China), MIS (Sao Paulo, BR), Dutch Design Week (NL); and is a recipient of many international awards, grants, nominations and accolades, among many others: Wellcome Trust Award, Ars Electronica 2012 Honorary, Creative Industries NL, European N.I.C.E Award, RESHAPE 2017 Honourable Mention, LES RESPIRATIONS 2016 Special Prize for Human Sensor. Her work was featured in on and off-line magazines and TV Programmes, such as Huffington Post, The Guardian, Wired, Dutch Technology Review and BBC.

She is a co-founder and principal creative researcher of World Wilder Lab (www.worldwilderlab.net), previously working for collaborative communities such as Protei (now www.scoutbots.com).

She works for commercial clients, museum and institutional commissions and public displays and festivals. She lectures, presents and run workshops and brainstorming sessions. She also publish regularly.

She is a licensed Scuba Diver, avid traveller, aerial photographer and spent her childhood sailing on the merchant navy vessels.

Image: Kasia Molga © Nick Harrison



Instagram: @kasiainstaexperiment

Twitter: @olygamy

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