Camille Aboudaram

Camille Aboudaram is a London-based visual artist. Her work uses collage, colour and text to present anti-capitalist or political ideas with childlike visuals. Through soft colour schemes, she offers alternatives from advertising and capitalism’s demands and offers models of vulnerability, non-toxic masculinities and empathy.

Exploring the relationship between capitalism and the public sphere, she challenges power structures, raising questions about their legitimacy, while her use of posters, false advertising and fly-posting aims at anchoring art in popular culture and making it widely accessible.

She is the co-founder of campaign group Adblock Lambeth, part of the national network Adfree Cities.

At Forecast 2023, for our youth programme, Camille will present of her work within Adblock Lambeth and as an artist, and then host a conversation with the group about the politics of public spaces and the role of corporate advertising in the climate crisis. She will facilitate a poster-making session to envision alternatives together, the results of which will be shown to the audience in the main room.

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