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London | Tuesday 23 April
Pollution level: Moderate

‘You are an Artist – You are a Scientist – You are an Activist’ with Marek Gabrysch



Teacher’s session for our ‘Offshore: artists explore the sea’ exhibition

When: 3.30pm 5.00pm, Tuesday 27th July 2017

Where: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Who: led by artist-educator Marek Gabrysch and Invisible Dust’s Lara Goodband the exhibition co-curator

Meet at the Alexander Duncan Installation in the Centre Court from 3.30pm to have a curators tour of the exhibition with Lara.

Followed by: ‘You are an Artist – You are a Scientist – You are an Activist’ with Marek Gabrysch.

The session will launch a new teachers’ resource inspired by the exhibition ‘Offshore Artists Explore the Sea’ currently showing at Hull Maritime Museum and Ferens Art Gallery, that will be available in July 2017 as a digital download. This practical CPD session will guide teachers in the use of the pack and provide stand-alone ideas and activities to engage students in the themes associated with the exhibition.

The Pack: Inspired by ‘Offshore’, the pack is a journey that explores the scientific, cultural and geopolitical issues that underpin the creative responses in the exhibition.

The activities are listed in a table according to Key Stages to enable teachers to make quick links across subject areas.

Containing an exciting variety of activities, games, and experiments this pack allows participants to learn creatively with an emphasis on STEAM activities designed to engage through multi-discipline and holistic learning. Integrating artistic creative thought with scientific rationale and engineering design.

Furthermore, this is a call to action as we reach a tipping point in the ability of out oceans to replenish themselves. This pack contains signposts to real world activities for raising awareness.

To book your place please RSVP to or ring 01482 318733


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