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London | Sunday 22 September
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What is the UK doing to meet the goals set by the Paris agreement?


Adam Chodzko’s film Deep Above explores why most people fail to connect with and act upon the fact that the climate is changing, engaging with the works of several eminent psychologists and researchers that are working on possible answers to this question. But while this lack of action by the individual is important to discuss, a failure to act on the part of leaders of industrialised countries like the UK has massive ramifications.

The Conservative government have been facing criticism in the last few days for its antiquated climate policies. Jeremy Legett points out that while the UK have agreed to the terms of the Paris agreement, current government policy is currently heading in the opposite direction to what was agreed in Paris, with cuts to solar power and subsidies for fossil fuels.

Other than keeping the pressure on our government to do better, what can we do to help?

Greenpeace have some tips on what you can do to stop climate change beyond changing your light bulbs here.

You could also sign, and encourage your employer to sign, the Paris Pledge.

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