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London | Saturday 23 March
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UK floods are expected to be an ongoing problem

Highwaterline, 2014. Image by Pete Bedwell

The UK is flooded again, and with the devastating floods from last year still fresh in most people’s memories, there is no doubt that this is continuing to be a long term problem. As many commentators have pointed out, this is both a governance and a climate change issue — Piers Telemaque asks: “how could this have happened again, so soon after our last flooding disaster? Some say it’s climate change. Some say it’s government mismanagement. Actually, it’s both.” While the government acknowledges that the flooding is due to climate change, appropriate steps to both halt and prepare for the fallout of these changes are not being taken.

Guy Shrubsole from Friends of the Earth says: “This is yet another indicator that our climate is changing, and highlights the need for a radical rethink on UK flood defences and climate change policies. (…). Adequate defences must be put in place to help the nation deal with this.”

In 2014, Invisible Dust worked with artist Eve Mosher on the project HighWaterLine, taking place in Bristol. The this public performance had local people help draw a chalk line representing where the waterline will go during flooding, but more importantly brought community members together to discuss possible solutions and defences to flooding.

While climate policy and defence against natural disasters is not the responsibility of local communities and need to be addressed and budgeted for by the government, local projects like these might prove to be key if the Conservative government continues to cut funding both for greener energy and for flood defences.

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