Invisible Dust

London | Friday 22 June
Pollution level: Moderate

Townley and Bradby

The Bowthorpe Experiment - Norfolk and Norwich Festival

© Townley & Bradby, The Bowthorpe Experiment, May 2011, image Julian Hughes

13th – 15th May 2011

Townley and Brady developed an evening cycle tour designed to see the future of Norwich. The  Townley and Bradby bike tour left daily from Chapelfield Gardens, with a portable bike-powered cinema packed into a bike trailer (from Magnificent Revolution). The tour passed through sites where in the past, residents, planners and activists have responded to the challenges of collective urban living. The evening’s outing culminated on the western edge of the city where a short film was projected onto the side of a building, creating both a public event and prophetic vision of the future.