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London | Wednesday 16 January
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The Guardian and BBC cover HighWaterLine Bristol!



We are pleased to announce that HighWaterLine Bristol has attracted press from both the BBC and the Guardian.

This public artwork started on Tuesday at the Avon Tow-path. It will become a 32 mile chalk line drawn by communities through Bristol to demarcate the high water mark of flood-zones where they live from 9th-21st September.

We are hoping to get aerial footage of the line and excitingly have been contacted by a Bristol drones company who are interested in helping us!

HighWaterLine, a project initiated by artist Eve Mosher, uses art as a way for communities to visualise how sea-level rises and flooding due to climate change is and will impact their communities.

Since December 2013 the project has connected people across Bristol who live in areas susceptible to flooding. Workshops and events have been held over the past 6 months so people can share ideas, and local experience to learn which changes need to happen, and what tools we already have for resilience

Now that drawing the line has started it is even easier to join in with the conversation, and anyone and everyone is welcome!

BBC coverage

Read the guardian article here

To find out when and where the chalking is taking place each day check out our projects page, or the HighWaterLine Bristol website.

More news: @Invisible_dust and @BristolHighWL and #whereistheline


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