Invisible Dust

London | Friday 25 May
Pollution level: Moderate

Tania Kovats – Edinburgh Fruitmarket Gallery


The Fruitmarket Gallery’s spring exhibition is a solo show of the work of Tania Kovats, a British artist whose work explores our experience and understanding of our landscape and environment. Her recent projects have included Tree (2009) a permanent installation in the Natural History Museum to mark 200 years since the birth of Darwin that also resulted in planting 200 saplings and a set of artworks titled Branch that were shared around the world.

This new exhibition focuses on her fascination and relationship with the sea, displaying a two-part collaboration with Tania Kovats and the Fruitmarket Gallery. The first, a new work, All the Seas, is a sculptural presentation of water from all the world’s seas that has been collected by the artist and a global network of people in bottles arriving at the gallery and the artist’s studio since late 2012.

The artwork is joined by new and existing works that have, in some way a relationship with the sea including sculptures that reference cliff formations, work exploring seas meeting, a new sculpture in the form of a reef proliferating barnacles and a re-orientation of the world in favour of the ocean drawn onto obsolete atlases.

The second part of the collaboration is a publication, Drawing Water: Drawing as a Mechanism for Exploration. Drawing is a key part of Kovats’ practice and since publishing The Drawing Book (Black Dog, 2006) her attraction to the wealth of others drawings has continued. Drawing Water will bring together drawings of exploration and discovery from mapmakers to whalers to artists united by the sense that in making the drawing they were looking for something, a method to make sense of the world. In the artist’s words the book attempts to construct ‘a portolan, a chart drawn at sea to guide a sailor from one safe harbour to the next.’

The exhibition is open from 15th March until 25th May 2014 at Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF, United Kingdom.





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