Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 16 January
Pollution level: Moderate

Successful weekend at the Brighton Science Festival


Brighton Science Festival Invisible Dust/King's College London workshop

Last weekend King’s College London and Invisible Dust were invited to Brighton Science Festival to provide art and science workshops for children. The aim of the workshop was to promote the awareness of the effects of air pollution.

One way of avoiding pollution, learned by the children and their parents is to consider alternative routes to school to avoid locally polluted areas. (See London Air.)

The artists involved were Effie Coe and Claire Barnett, who encouraged the children to make drawings using straws and ink. The child uses their breath to blow through a straw, which then guides the ink to move around on the paper, a technique which visualizes each child’s breath.

The Kings College London scientists showed children the London Air website on the computer and spoke to families about the effects of air quality.

When asked about their child’s experience of the workshop, one parent said:

“I absolutely love it, its a great inspiring way to teach things and pass on important messages about air pollution through visual hands on messages.”

Professor Frank Frank Kelly and Curator Alice Sharp also gave a talk about air pollution and how artists have created works to make it more visible. The workshop aims to have inspired both children and adults to think about air pollution and how making small positive changes can greatly benefit our health and environment.


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