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London | Wednesday 16 January
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Image by Bill Curtsinger

“Life on the blue planet would not be possible without the ocean. Yet it remains one of the least understood and most ignored aspects of the Earth System.”

A change to this scenery is the motivation behind Oceansinc, a multimedia channel dedicated to broadcasting about the ocean.  Launching on the World Oceans Day (June 8th), Oceansinc aims to amplify worldwide awareness to issues concerning ocean health by providing a shared platform, which NGOs concerned with ocean protection and conservation can use to promote their information.

Further along the month, Oceansinc will be broadcasting news about the ocean at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit.  It will closely follow the discussions, negotiations and events related to the ocean providing the world with live coverage from the commencement of the dialogues on June 16th to the completion of the summit on June 22nd.

Of course we’re putting something together for this special occasion, so keep coming back for more news on Invisible Dust’s participation!

Get involved:

Meanwhile, all ocean NGOs – whether attending Rio+20 or not – are encouraged to submit their stories, information, updates, reports, findings, statements and Rio+20 related events for inclusion on the site. To submit information just use this template and send it direct to

To keep up with their coverage of the Earth Summit just follow @oceansincrio on Twitter. If you want your tweets to feature on the Oceansinc live stream, remember to use at least one of these hashtags: #oceansatrio #rioplus20 #earthsummit.

Oceansinc@rio is supported by High Seas Alliance; International Programme on the State of the Ocean; JM Kaplan Fund; Natural Resource Defence Council; Okeanos; Pew Environment Group and Tara Expeditions.

For more information visit the Oceansinc website
More on the World Oceans Day here


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