Invisible Dust

London | Wednesday 16 January
Pollution level: Moderate

Some Things Happen All At Once by Mariele Neudecker in the Zeppelin Museum


Invisible Dust collaborator Mariele Neudecker’s piece ‘Some Things Happen All At Once’ is being shown at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The museum focuses on both art and technology, highlighting the close relationship between the two.

Neudecker’s work deals with the concept of presence and change in the perception of landscape, nature and technology. Using sound installations, video documentaries, sculptures, photographs and artificial re-enactments of natural phenomena, she explores climate change and our relationship to it. Having been to the Arctic and in close contact with Arctic researchers, Neudecker brings the remote Arctic to us and confronts us with a continuously changing landscape that is often too remote both physically and psychologically to engage with.

Mariele Neudecker is going to make a new work about oceans for Invisible Dust during the Hull City of Culture in 2017, continuing her collaboration with Dr Alex Roger’s from Oxford University.

If you speak German you can read more about the exhibition here, and if not you can just look at the gorgeous pictures!


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