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London | Friday 25 May
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Solar Panels Becoming More Affordable


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Here’s some interesting news: in 2012, the worldwide use of renewable energy soared. This includes energy derived from wind, solar power, and biofuels.

The cost of the photovoltaic panles (pictured above) used to harness the sun’s energy has also considerable dropped – which is good for homeowners looking to invest in solar energy, either as a way to do good for the environment, or simply to lower their long-term electricity bills. This means that the renewable energy sector is not making much in terms of revenue, but it is encouraging to see this market really taking off.

In the year 2000, installing solar panels on the roof of your house would not necessarily save you any money – the prices were set to be equal to the cost of traditional power suppliers. Today, speaking in dollars, the cost-per-watt of solar power has fallen from $7.50 to $2.50 per watt, and by 2018, solar power is expected to cost only $1.50 per watt.

Wind and biofuel energy have also made considerable gains in the past few years. For example, 49%% of the USA’s total new generating capacity in 2012, despite the difficulty the Senate has faced in getting pro-renewable energy passed.

In total,$269 billion were invested in worldwide renewable energy in 2012.

Invisible Dust is delighted to hear this. We are very supportive of clean, renewable energy, especially if it causes less pollution and less harm to the environment.


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