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London | Wednesday 21 August
Pollution level: Moderate

Semiconductor win ‘Jerwood Open Forest’


Invisible Dust would like to congratulate Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) who, alongside artists Chris Watson and Iain Pate who have both been awarded a commissions of £30,000 each through the ‘Jerwood Open Forest’ initiative.

Semiconductor’s proposal is to create a 2 metre wooden sphere created using data from the 26 metre high flux tower in the Alice Holt Forest and Research Station, in the South Downs National Park. They are planning to ‘take the data and create something tangible with it. The sphere will be composed of triangular wooden tiles, each one of them is inscribed with a different piece of data’.

At the Open Forest Exhibition the duo exhibited Data Projector, an installation of a recreation of the flux tower, with a video playing from the tower’s two cameras, that are used to monitor leaf change, colouration and mutation. The installation considers scientific data as a representation of nature and by taking the tower and the data it collected from the heart of the forest into the gallery space it serves as a symbol for human endeavour.

To read the full interview with Semiconductor click here

Semiconductor are part of our ‘Invisible Heat’ project on the health affects of climate change and we are setting up a residency for them to further their interest in light scattering laboratory equipment which identifies changes in air quality.




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